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sorry for the wait,gonna be making some posts now.

I’m actually sad because i have 31 posts here and 75 followers

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I really want to know if there's a mod that replaces the Pyro's voice clips with that of Dr. John A. Zoidberg's.

Hmmmm I’ll do a search,but I’m not sure if there is.

The Fear no anvil hammer from homestuck 

I’m gonna tell you, I don’t use a lot of mods. It makes my game lag. but this one.This one,I’ll use

Oh, and sorry for so much homestuck. I really like my 2 favorite fandoms together.


  • Axtinguisher
  • Festive Axtinguisher
  • Powerjack
  • Homewrecker
  • Third Degree
  • Maul
  • Black Scratcher

You can have all of the weapons replaced by this,so can you have only one of your choise.

Download / Author / Author’s Tumblr

Homestuck Applejuice jarate

Download / Author

The Ogredose!

The Ogredose!

The Ogredose!

I don’t need to say anything about this. It is what it is,and it’s perfect that way.

Download / Author

Other cores for the Ap-Sap (Wheatley sapper from What’s in the portal 2 soundtrack box?)

Unfortunately,there are no custom sounds. And its gonna be hard to be done if there is one day. The sapper has 12+ minutes of lines.

Author / Download

sorry for the lack of posts these days

im lazy

I was busy


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Engineer Misc, created by Emrfish and Frying Dutchman

A hard working man deserves a hard working lunch. Thats why the engineer fabricated his own lunch pail. In order to keep it from the hands of those other mercs (especially those pesky spies), he keeps it on his person at all times.

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Also available for download as a mod, Click here to get it!